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PhD Student position Paul Bocuse - employment opportunity or job position Societe Francaise d Analyse Sensorielle

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    PhD Student position



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    Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center



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    The project aims to develop a new approach to formulate and develop food products taking into account the changes in food perception due to aging. Young non-dependent seniors will be at the centre of the culinary innovation process through the development of food products adapted to their needs and expectations, taking into account their diversity related to sensory perceptions, needs in organoleptic and nutritional enrichment, textures, colour and odour attractivity, difficulties in eating, the social cultural habits... The work will be focused on four clear steps: defining a multi criteria food design space, design the minimum number of food applications within selected food categories (DOE), evaluate performance to design the best multi criteria model, and validate the learnings by testing newly designed and optimized food applications. To ensure success, this will work will engage a multi-actor expertise with food and sensory researchers, culinary chefs, industry partners and senior consumers in close interaction with sociologists, dieticians, and geriatrists.



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    We are looking for a candidate with an engineering degree or a research master's degree with a specialty or first experience in food science, sensory analysis, nutrition and/or geriatry. An interest in human experimentation and an aptitude for statistical analysis and multidisciplinary subjects are highly desirable. We also expect dynamism, excellent communication skills, teamwork and organizational skills for this profile. Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of French is an asset.





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