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Sensory and consumer insights scientist SYMRISE - employment opportunity or job position Societe Francaise d Analyse Sensorielle

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    Sensory & Consumer Insights Scientist

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    This position is to provide responsible management in the design, planning, conduct and reporting of SCI category, technical and customer focused projects & research which leads to business impact. To also apply innovative approaches where there is an opportunity and contribute to the success of SCI projects liaising with colleagues in the SCI team to grow and enhance internal capability and SCI operations.



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    The Candidate: • Bachelor of Science / Master of Science in Food Science, Food Technology or Psychology, Consumer Science • Minimum of 5 years Sensory and Consumer Science experience working in the food industry, or equivalent, with broad knowledge base and understanding • Demonstrated ability to develop, undertake and manage sensory and consumer insights projects, with a strong desire to bring the outcomes of SCI projects to business growth.
    Fichier (au format PDF) SCI Scientist 2022.pdf
  • Démarre le : 12 jan. 2022, 06:25